Analogies & BioTRIZ

Lecture 7: A relatively short lecture on identifying inventive principles found in nature. There are additional readings included below that supplement the ideas talked about in this lecture.

Additional Readings:

  1. On the Benefits and Pitfalls of Analogies for Innovative Design: Ideation Performance Based on Analogical Distance, Commonness, and Modality of Examples – By Chan, Fu, Schunn, Cagan, Wood, and Kotovsky.
  2. Design-by-Analogy: Experimental Evaluation of a Functional Analogy Search Methodology for Concept Generation Improvement – By Fu, Wood, Murphy, and Otto.
  3. Manta Machines – From the journal, Science.
  4. Biomimetics—using nature to inspire human innovation – By Yoseph Bar-Cohen.
  5. Biomimetics: its practice and theory – By Vincent, Bogatyreva, Bogatyrev, Bowyer, and Pahl.