All lectures given during the semester in this course have been added to this page. The course employs a reverse-classroom system, meaning that the lectures have slides with narration from Dr. Antaki himself. The students listen and watch the lecture before arriving to class. Class time is spent on a short review of the material and then numerous activities. The lectures included on this website are URLs from the Youtube channel for Inventive Problem Solving. Some lectures also include additional readings that help supplement the material discussed in the recorded lectures.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Inventive Problem Solving in Biomedical Engineering

Lecture 2: Introduction to TRIZĀ 

Lecture 3: TRIZ – Contradictions

Lecture 4: TRIZ – Inventive Operators

Lecture 5: TRIZ – Separation Principles and Innovation Workbench

Lecture 6: Ethnography, Objective Tree, and Human Factors

Lecture 7: AnalogiesĀ & BioTRIZ

Lecture 8: Inventing Disaster – Hazard Analysis, AFD

Lecture 9: Repurposed Technologies

Lecture 10: Global Health

Lecture 11: Inventing the Future